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The Workout

There is no limit to what you are capable of, physically and mentally. The Limit is about perseverance. The goal is to push yourself past your individual limit.


We believe that each person requires unique training for their personal abilities. Our trainers are all certified and able to adapt to your needs, whether you are dealing with an injury or health issue, are pregnant or postpartum or you’re just looking for the ultimate challenge. There’s always a way to train hard and get results.


Our videos provide a variety of workouts with movements that are simple, effective and safe, no matter your level. We prioritize proper form and biomechanics with clear instructions. Our goal is to make you feel strong and confident in yourself, no matter your level.


We are excited to help you find your limit and push yourself past it. Now let’s do it!

Our Team

The Workout
Beth copy_edited.png

Beth Nicely


Founder of The Limit, Beth is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, PROnatal Pre/Postnatal Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist.


In addition to 13 years of personal training experience, Beth has been a professional dancer for 21 years.  She was a Radio City Rockette and has been in 6 Broadway shows. She did choreography for Netflix's "The Prom" and “Family Switch”. She’s also a marathoner!


Years of pushing her limit in performance have given her an intuitive understanding of what it takes to get to a high level of athleticism and strength, which she shares with her clients.


It’s no surprise that so many of them refer to sessions with her affectionately as Death by Beth!


Growing up in a small Ohio town, Beth has held dance close to her heart for as long as she can remember.  She started dancing at three years old and grew up training and competing in tap, jazz, and ballet. She believes in and has trained all levels of people to become their strongest selves, physically and mentally.


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • PROnatal Pre/Postnatal Specialist

  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

The Trainers


Pilar Millhollen


Pilar found her love of fitness through sustaining her body through an 8-show-a-week schedule on Broadway and national tours. Having dealt with overuse injuries, she came to love functional exercise in order to keep bodies healthy, strong, and at their maximum capacity for movement!


In addition, Pilar holds a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary and is interested in the intersection between personal wellbeing and social justice. She is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and has worked with private clients aging from 19 to 92;  as a group fitness instructor, holding certifications in barre, HIIT, bodyART, and pre/post-natal training.


In wellness and in life, Pilar believes one size does not fit all - that each body is unique and able in its own ways. She can’t wait to work with you on your personal goals, and to take you to your limit!


  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer

  • barre, HIIT, bodyART, pre/post-natal

  • Fitness Nutrition

Mila 2024_edited.jpg

Mila Toribio


Mila has been in the fitness industry in New York for over 10 years. From her beginnings as a classical ballerina and theatre performer, she attended college for a BA in Health and Physical Education in Brazil and expanded her studies into Yoga, Pilates and Barre after moving to NYC in 2010. 


She has studied and worked in Ecuador, Mexico and Panama and deepened her knowledge in the worlds of wellness, fitness, dance and meditation. 


Mila is a Certified Personal Trainer and also holds certifications in Sound Healing, Mat, Reformer and Cadillac Pilates, Yoga and PBT (Progressive Ballet Technique). 


  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

  • Sound Healing

  • Mat, Reformer and Cadillac Pilates

  • Yoga

  • PBT (Progressive Ballet Technique). 


Olivia Kinter


Olivia was born in New York City & grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. She started dancing at the age of 5 and began acting professionally a year later. In addition to jazz, tap, & theater dance, she received extensive ballet training at Ballet Academy East (NYC), and completed summer intensives with American Ballet Theatre & Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.


Olivia is a graduate of Rutgers University and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. A proud member of SAG-AFTRA, she has performed in various stage & television productions.


She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, specializing in corrective exercise, women's fitness, & pre-postnatal training. With a love of dance-based fitness combined with traditional strength & cross training, Olivia aims to inspire women to conquer challenges, continue building confidence, and find joy while doing so. You’re always capable of more than you realize!


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • NASM Women's Fitness Specialist

  • PROnatal Pre/Postnatal certification

Megan 1 zoom out_edited.jpg

Megan Kelley-Crocco


Megan is no stranger to challenge and truly believes that if you work hard and never give up, you can achieve anything! She was born with a love of dance and had a dream of becoming a Radio City Rockette when she was just four years old. After many years of training in all styles of dance, and attending multiple auditions, she finally made her dream a reality and has been a part of the world famous line since 2014. She has also had an extensive career performing in various theatrical shows around the country, including 42nd Street, Dames At Sea and Irving Berlin’s White Christmas (where she met The Limit founder, Beth, as well as her amazing drummer husband).

Megan’s main goal in life is to keep moving for as long as her body will allow. In 2020, when the performance industry was shut down, she turned to the National Academy of Sports Medicine and earned her Personal Training Certification with the hopes of gaining more knowledge to be the best and strongest version of herself. She is currently continuing her education and gaining other specializations through NASM and other accredited organizations. She also found herself drawn to The Limit workouts and the incredible community it has created and she has been training here since 2022. She became a Limit trainer herself when the Chelsea studio opened in 2023 and she could not be more grateful for such a safe and encouraging space to work, learn, grow, inspire, and be inspired.

Megan is so happy to be a part this amazing team! 

Let’s Go! What’s the BEST that could happen?


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 


Lauren Bonfiglio


Lauren is someone you just want to be around.


Her spirit and genuine kindness radiate from her and she’s also crazy strong.


A long time ABT ballet dancer, Lauren is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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