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Terms and Conditions:

Includes Release of Liability

Terms and Conditions

Some of our in-person classes and pop-ups may also live streamed to customers joining via Zoom.  While the focus of these streams are our trainers, by participating in in-person classes at any of The Limit's studios or The Limit's pop-up events, you agree to be included in these live streams.


You are able to reschedule or cancel our in-person and virtual classes free of charge up to 24 hours before the class or session begins.  You can do so for classes in the "My Bookings" section of your account profile on our website -  After 24 hours before your class begins, you are no longer able to reschedule of cancel classes and will be charged in full for the class.   Please still notify if you need to cancel a class after the free cancellation period for classes ends (less than 24 hours before the start of the session).  For monthly unlimited members there is a discounted $20 charge for late rescheduling, late cancelling, or for not showing up to in-person classes.  This does not apply to Zoom classes or personal training sessions.

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late to an in-person class, we may deny you entry if it is unsafe or too disruptive for you to join, at our discretion.

You are able to reschedule or cancel our personal training sessions free of charge up to 24 hours before the class begins.  To reschedule or cancel personal training sessions, please email  After 24 hours before your session begins, you are no longer able to reschedule of cancel and will be charged in full for the session.  This is because our trainers have committed that time to training you and will not have a reasonable amount of time to schedule another session instead.  Please still notify if you need to cancel a personal training session after the free cancellation period for private training sessions ends (less than 24 hours before the start of the session).


Our monthly unlimited membership will be automatically charged each month until cancellation.  When you cancel, you will still have access to the included services until the end of the most recently billed term, at which point any future monthly charges will cease.


Class packs are also called "pricing plans", or simply, "plans".  Plans are purchased manually and are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.  This is for our accounting purposes, but also to incentivize you to use the classes in the plan.


We reserve the right to cancel plans or memberships at our discretion by initiating a refund of the remaining balance at the time of cancellation.  The balance of cancelled plans will be determined by the number of classes remaining in the plan multiplied by the average cost of the classes in the plan at the time of purchase.  The balance of a cancelled membership will be determined by the number of days left in the most recently billed term, including the date of cancellation, multiplied by the average cost per day of the most recently billed term.


Plans and memberships may exclude some special classes, such as but not limited to, special holiday classes, special limited run classes, and special classes with specific guest trainers.

Liability Waiver

By signing up and/or participating in our classes or personal training sessions provided by The Limit, you are agreeing to the following:

Because physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to risk of serious injury, we urge you to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment or participating in any exercise activity. You agree that by participating in physical exercise or training activities, you do so entirely at your own risk. Any recommendation for changes in diet including the use of food supplements, weight reduction and/or body building enhancement products are entirely your responsibility and you should consult a physician prior to undergoing any dietary or food supplement changes. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and use of these facilities and premises and assume all risks of injury, illness, or death. We are also not responsible for any loss of your personal property. You acknowledge that you have carefully read this “waiver and release” and fully understand that it is a release of liability. You expressly agree to release and discharge the trainer, instructor, and The Limit By Beth Nicely, LLC from any and all claims or causes of action and you agree to voluntarily give up or waive any right that you may otherwise have to bring a legal action against the trainer or instructor for personal injury or property damage. To the extent that statute or case law does not prohibit releases for negligence, this release is also for negligence. If any portion of this release from liability shall be deemed by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, then the remainder of this release from liability shall remain in full force and effect and the offending provision or provisions severed here from.

In consideration of being allowed to enroll, I hereby personally assume all risks connected with the class, and I further release the instructors, program, agents, and operators, including but not limited to the persons mentioned for any injury or damage which may be incurred by me while I am enrolled in the fitness or performance class, including all risks connected therewith, whether foreseen or unforeseen; and further to save and hold harmless the program and persons from any claim by me, or my family, estate, heirs, or assignees, arising out of my enrollment and participation in this class.

I further state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this aforementioned release; that I understand that the terms herein is contractual and not a mere recital; and that I have signed this document as my own free act. I have fully informed myself of the contents of this aforementioned and release by reading it before I sign it, I have been advised to submit, at my own expense and time, to a medical examination to ensure myself, and assume my own responsibility of physical fitness and capability to perform under the normal conditions of the fitness and therapy program, and am physically fit as tested by a medical examination. I also understand that the owner reserves the right of membership.

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