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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm having trouble logging in to sign up for classes or to On Demand. Can you help?
    Our class booking and merchandice sales are on one platform, and our On Demand offering is on another different platform. You can, and we recommend that you do, use the same email address and password for both, but you need a separate account on each platform. If you are unable to log in to either, try resetting your password. Feel free to email for further assistance!
  • I'm having trouble logging in, booking classes, or joining waitlists on The Limit Classes app. Can you help?
    If you have having trouble on The Limit Classes app, you are probably not logged in. Make sure you are logged in and try again. If you are unable to login to The Limit Classes app, it may be because you originally created your The Limit account by logging in with your Google or Facebook account credentials. Follow these steps: 1. Go to in any web browser (not on The Limit Classes app). If you are already logged in, log out. 2. Click Log in, then "Log in with email" and "Forgot password?" Follow the instructions to set a password for your account. 3. You should now be able to login with your new password on the The Limit Classes app.
  • How do I cancel my On Demand subscription?
    If you signed up prior to December 2020, you can cancel your On Demand subscription here: If you signed up in December 2020 or later, you can cancel your On Demand subscription here: Thank you and we hope to have you back soon!
  • Do I need to create an account to sign up for a class?
    You first sign up for an account before purchasing a class. When you have an account with The Limit, you can access all of your class and Zoom link information, save payments and addresses, cancel or reschedule classes, and quickly make purchases in the future. If you choose not to create an account before purchasing, you will be prompted to create one during checkout.
  • What time zone are the classes scheduled at?
    The classes are scheduled at the EST-New York/USA time. To view classes in your current time zone instead, select a type of class, and at the top of the calendar is an option to switch time zones.
  • How do I access my Zoom class?
    To join your scheduled Zoom class, you have two different options. Option 1: Log into your account and select the "Join Class" link in your scheduled classes. Option 2: Select the link in the confirmation email you received after signing up.
  • Can I join a class after it has started?
    Class Zoom links may be selected at any time during the duration of a scheduled class. Unfortunately at this time, once a class has begun we are unable to allow further purchases to join a class.
  • What is the cancelation policy?
    All class signups and purchases have a 24 hour cancelation policy.
  • How long are my class packs valid for?
    All current class packages are valid for 1 year after the date of purchase.
  • Do trainers of The Limit have any certifications?
    Our trainers carrier many different certifications within the fitness industry. Please visit our About Page to view your trainer's specific list of certifications.
  • How do I keep updated with The Limit?
    To stay up to date on all our current and new promotions, please sign up for a class, create an account, or fill out our information request on the home page.
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